POLi Link Status

As part of automating your integration with POLi Link API, you can periodically query the status of a POLi Link to determine if it has been fully paid.

POLi Link Status Request

To formulate a POLi Link API call for status inquiry, you must append the POLi Link to the URL like so: https://publicapi.apac.paywithpoli.com/api/POLiLink/Status/[urlToken]

POLi Link Status Response

Status Code Description Notes
Unused The customer has never clicked on the link to perform a transactions
Activated The customer has attempted a transaction with the link but didn't complete For POLi Links configured to allow multiple payments or the POLi Link type is Variable will always be this status
PartPaid The POLi Link permits partial payments and the customer has paid towards the POLi Link but there is still an amount owing
Future The customer has performed a transaction where the payment is scheduled to occur automatically on the future date specified when the POLi Link was created This status implies that the amount owing, on the day the automatic payment will occur, is zero
Completed The full amount has been paid The POLi Link can no longer be used to make payments

POLi Link Status Example

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POLi Link Status Response Example