POLi Transaction Status

POLi transaction status records the progress of a transaction throughout the payment process. Each status represents a critical point in the transaction and each has to be reached before the customer can progress to the next and ultimately complete the transaction. There are two categories of transaction statuses:

Category Description
Active Attained during the course of a transaction before reaching a terminal status. A transaction with an active state is not considered finished
Terminal Attained when the transaction has reached a conclusion either successfully or unsuccessfully
Status Category Description
Initiated Active When a transaction is started, it is immediately assigned the status Initiated
FinancialInstitution Selected Active A transaction moves into the FinancialInstitutionSelected status when the user has selected the Financial Institution that they wish to use
EulaAccepted Active When the user accepts the POLi End User License Agreement, the transaction moves into EulaAccepted
InProcess Active This status is reached when the customer hits the login page of the bank they have selected
Unknown Active The transaction goes into Unknown status when the user clicks on the Confirm button to make their payment. The result of the payment is pending
Completed Terminal A successful transaction where the internet banking receipt has been issued by the bank. The POLi system has recognised this and notifies the merchant via the GETTransaction API. Funds are expected to settle for this status
Cancelled Terminal When the user cancels the transaction it will move into Cancelled status
Failed Terminal The Failed status occurs when a transaction experiences a non recoverable problem, such as; a bank specific problem, a bank connection dropout or a communication error. There could have also been a problem with the POLi system at the time
ReceiptUnverified Terminal A rare state attained when the POLi system could not confirm whether the user’s payment was successful. In this case, the funds may have been transferred but the user will not be displayed a receipt from POLi or the merchant. This status can arise due to a bank issue or a local issue to the user
TimedOut Terminal Automatically attained when the customer has not completed the transaction before the POLi timeout and the transaction is not currently in Unknown

{warning} Important
Transactions with a Completed status typically result in a credit to the merchant’s bank account.
Transactions in Failed, Cancelled and TimedOut statuses typically will not result in a bank account credit.
The status ReceiptUnverified indicates that there is uncertainty whether the purchasing customer’s bank has processed the payment instruction, e.g. because communications were lost at a critical time.
All other statuses indicate that the transaction is still ongoing.